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Lynn Westner’s family wants her to stay wrapped in the cocoon of safety that was her perfect world until she got downsized, divorced and a new pair of boobs. Now Lynn wants adventure. But to have an adventure, Lynn must break the chains of her family and her ex-husband who forgets the meaning of the word ex. And Lynn has the perfect adventure mate with Alita, the widow of her former lover.

Her adventures include a reunion in Paris, a pleasure palace in Monaco and a false burial in Liberia where she meets Weah. Tall, dark, and distrusting, Weah has roadblocks. Even though he saves her from hand sized roaches, his language barriers and experience Americans stop Lynn from getting as close as she would like.

Coming home, Lynn is tempted to return to her old life. She is offered a new job and an old husband. Only she can decide if she will slip back into her old mould or break free and embrace passion.

Finding Passion: Confessions of a Fifty-year Old Runaway

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Slightly paranoid Lynn is going on the trip of a lifetime to Great Britain, until her seatman entices her to take a journey with him accross the United States. Lynn battles her fears, talking wallpaper and a the appearance of her seatmate’s wife. At the end of her journey, Lynn must decide if she wants to return to life as she has known it or find passion.

Sensing Passion: Travels of A Fifty-Five Year-Old Divorcee

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Lynn Westner is floating through life content with the security of her husband andthe only job she ever had. But then her husband wants a divorce and her job downsizes her. Lynn tries therapy but is singularly unsuccessful. Her life spiraling out of her control and she needs a lifeline to anchor herself. She finds one in the ghost of her one foray into adultery. With his help, Lynn travels out of her comfort zone and Wichita, Kansas.

Her travels take her from San Antonio to Seattle and from Bloomington to Vancouver. In each city, Lynn gains strength and a greater sense of self. She kisses some frogs along the way and also attempts self gratification thanks to late night television and an adult toy store. She finds the strength to face her newly single state with confidence.

Lynn’s coming of middle-age story is a humorous and poignant look at the fears and challenges a woman of certain years faces. Her growth, when faced with unwanted change, is inspiring making this novel a must read and a must share.