Meet Christy Cumberlander Walker

First, let me introduce myself. Since I was young, I wanted to be a writer. This dream was probably fed by my love for reading. A high school English teacher accused me of plagiarizing a story I had made up then let me know that black girls don’t write. It wasn’t until I went to a conference at Finland in Scotland that things changed. 


We were given an exercise to confront our “inner critic” and talk about one specific thing we wanted to do but never did. My inner critic had to me I could not write a book because I had nothing to say, and no one would read it anyway.


On the plane back home, I started writing my first book, Finding Passion: Confessions of a Fifty-Year-Old Runaway. Imagine my surprise when the sequel, Travels of a Fifty-Five Year Old Divorcee won the Amazon Strongest Star Contest!


That gave me the impetus to write the final book of the trilogy, Embracing Passion: The Adventures of a Woman. 

It has been a wonderful journey and I hope you will share it with me and give me feedback.